Front of Bar BuffetStandard-Plus Tables by Lion's Head

Hotels love our standard models, but also demanded a table that is multi-functional and can be used for a multitude of occasions. Utilizing our standard models, and mixing in our Lion's Wood components and matching accessories, the Standard-Plus models were born.

Our Lion's Wood Bar Buffet, 3-well mobile serving center, and 2-well mobile tables are very popular with our food and beverage directors. Each of these tables feature our "Component Wells," which are all detailed in our Lion’s Wood Component Well page.

Lion’s Wood Bar Buffet
Transform your 7.0 standard table into a portable bar by utilizing our Lion’s Wood Bar Topper with lighting, component well with a cold pan, and speed rail. The Lion’s Wood Bar Topper can be used to store extra cups, plates, napkins, or any food and beverage item. The picture below shows the Lion’s Wood Bar Topper with storage room for glasses and bar items. The Bar Topper is lined with protective strips to prevent marring on the table. The frosted panel that faces your guests can feature your company’s name and logo if you desire. The Bar Buffet is a perfect portable bar to be used for wedding receptions and any other private functions. When not in service, the bar topper and speed rail can be easily removed and stored away, the cold pan can be removed and cutting board placed in the well, and your standard table is serviceable for your next event.

3-Well Mobile Serving Center
The Mobile Serving Center features 3 "Component Wells" and 3 cutting boards. Your mobile serving center gives you the flexibility to mix and match the components. Create an omelet station with 3 induction cookers or a salad bar with 3 cold pans. Or utilize a single cold pan, induction cooker, and chafing dish. The mobile serving center is only available on the 7.0 model, but the choice is yours in the components you pick. The Serving Center is framed in distressed brown glazed Pine or Mahogany stained Ash with an easy to clean black counter. It is one of the most functional tables that we offer.

2-well Mobile Table
Just like the Mobile Serving Center, the 2-well mobile table is framed in distressed brown glazed Pine or Mahogany stained ash with an easy to clean black counter, but only 2 wells instead of 3. The 2-well mobile table is available on the 5.2, 6.0 and 7.0 tables.