Lion's Wood Mobile Table

The Lion's Wood mobile table will save thousands of dollars in set-up time, labor and linen costs. Based on a study by an Executive Vice President of Food and Beverage for a prominent hotel owner's group, each Lion's Wood mobile table can save you thousands of dollars compared to a traditional folding table. The following table compares a traditional table with a purchase price of $150, to the Lion's Wood Mobile Table, based on product, labor and cleaning costs.

Expense Traditional Table Lion's Wood Mobile Table(Pine)
Purchase Price $100 $735
Purchase Skirting $100 $0
Purchase Table Cloth $100 $0
Linen Cleaning $250 $0
Labor to Skirt $130 $0
6 Month Total $580 $735
3 Year Total $3,580 $735
SAVINGS $2,845

$2,845 represents your direct savings from the Lion's Wood mobile table.

In addition, our tables have superior value and: