Lion's Wood Component Wells

The Lion’s Wood “Component Wells” offer your table greater flexibility, and allow you to use your table for different occasions. The “wells” are fabricated cut-outs that transform your table into buffets, omelet stations, portable bars, and many other food set-ups. When not in service, the Lion’s Wood “Component Wells” are fitted with a cutting board made from food service-approved material, covering the “wells”, yet still giving you a serviceable table. Tables that feature “Component Wells” come with legs that are removable as well, and optional leg kits can also be purchased.

The Component Wells are all cut the same size, a feature that allows any of our components to be “dropped-in” to the wells. Mix and match induction cookers, cold pans, or chafing dishes.

As seen here with the 3-well mobile serving center, the 3 “component wells” are cut-out of the table, allowing you to drop-in a cold pan, induction cooker with custom insert and chafing dish. The custom cut-out is created to allow for the induction cooker to be used in the table. It fits neatly in the component well and can be easily removed when the induction cooker is not in service.